The Silent Titan - Outer Circle Movements

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Soulspazm, Inc.
650 Broadway | 4th Floor
New York, NY 10012
  • 1. Break the Circle ft. Jace Excell
  • 2. In The Middle ft. Oddisee
  • 3. Get Me High (Instrumental)
  • 4. Think Back (Instrumental)
  • 5. In Flight Life ft. Prince Po
  • 6. Lost in Transit (Instrumental)
  • 7. Decorated Passports ft. M.E.D
  • 8. Direct Sunlight ft. Jace Excell
  • 9. Neat with None ft. Jim Dead
  • 10. Strength & Science (Instrumental)
  • 11. Dangerous Game Face ft. Rock of Heltah skeltah & Journalist 103
  • 12. Whatís your Sign? (Instrumental)
  • 13. No Time For You ft. M.E.D.
  • 14. Move Along (Instrumental)
  • 15. Why Where Hear ft. Jace Excell
  • 16. Never a Question ft. Journalist 103
  • 17. Iím Outer (Instrumental)
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About The Silent Titan
The Silent Titan comes forth with his second solo production record since his debut, ĎFor the Rest of My Daysí dropped worldwide in September, 2011 through Obese records and the legendary Fat Beats Records.

Travel , movement , time, space , speculation , nostalgia, and observation ; These everyday circumstances are the themes highlighted on this record . The Silent Titan aka Tom Charuk is a producer from Australia working consistently behind the boards to develop a worldwide following through his hip-hop roots.

Soulful, hard hitting, sample heavy production, seamlessly intertwined with live instrumentation, synthesis, and an array of talented vocalists, makes this release a monumental benchmark in The Silent Titanís ever expanding portfolio. Always providing originality with his beats, Tomí s intrinsic, genuine approach to beat making is dynamic, professional and without exception, from the heart.

Considering Tom lives so far from the rest of the world (Sydney, Australia) he is determined to make his chosen career path a success, through working and developing with artists who are mostly considered Ďundergroundí, and maintaining a position in the scheme of the Hip hop world. With the album featuring tracks from lyrical legends Prince Po ( Organized Konfusion ) , Oddisee ( Mello Music Group ), MED ( Stones Throw Records ), Journalist 103 ( Mello Music Group ), Rock ( Duck Down records ) and the soulful voice of Jace Excell ; Tomís prowess and growth as a producer is demonstrated exceptionally.